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Cinando Video Library (VL) is an online B2B digital solution for Festivals and Film Institutions.

We showcase your films to specific users in a safe and customized environment.

Each customer who chooses Cinando VL has their own dedicated and personalized website.

The basics of CinandoVL


Upload films on a highly secure platform


Make your VL your own

Easy to use

Provide a user friendly solution to clients

They trust us

Marché du film


San Sebastián

British Film Institute


Ventana Sur

Zurich Film Festival

Mar del Plata


Stockholm Film Festival

Visions du réel

Warsaw Film Festival


Choose the viewers you want to invite & provide each user with a unique access code
Pick the safest streaming technology: the “pure streaming” option
Each film is protected with a personalized real time watermark for each user
Hide/delete a film or remove a user at any time
Use our Geo-Blocking system to restrict access to screeners by IP addresses or countries


Design your VL with your own artwork
Use personalized settings: multi language options, URL, search filters…
Select the status of your screeners (visible, hidden or coming soon)
Create categories for users (press, industry)
Change the settings of your VL at anytime 


Manage your VL with one tool: the admin interface
Import a list of users in one click
Send access codes directly to specified users
Limit access to films to a specified category of users
Add comments to each film page via the admin interface
Check viewing reports with detailed statistic spreadsheets

Provide a user-friendly solution to your clients
Users can easily browse through films using filters (sections, countries, genres, languages)
Users can take notes, and add films to their watch list
Users can contact the rightsholder for a given film directly in the VL
Rightsholders access their stats directly via their Cinando profile
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